Simplicity makes me smile!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Girl, I've been making Doughnuts!

These are Buttermilk DoughKnots

old fashioned raised

chocolate dipped cake doughnut

my sweet helper

pumpkin spice with maple cinnamon glaze

old fashioned cake

maple glaze

chocolate cake with glaze

old fashioned sour cream cake doughnut


raised glaze

Sugared old fashioned cake
I love these beautiful creations. They are all good. My favorite is cake doughnut with glaze!! Yummers

She's sooo Fifties

This girl is so beautiful! She can pull anything off. Even my new sunglasses. I might have to give them to her. I'm such a mom!

What these boys love to do!

Fishing on the first cool Saturday night in September. I love taking all these great pictures. The light was perfect for reflections in the pond.

Visiting the College boy!

I miss him so!!

Doughnuts for the Dorm

Austin's dorm mates are so good to him! Mama brought doughnuts for them all!