Simplicity makes me smile!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Grandma Oadie

My Grandma passed away this past November. This is how I want to remember her always. Love you Grandma!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Cabinet Project

Here it is. The gloomy old cheap cabinet we've had for years to keep office supplies in. 

I used

Martha Stewart in Linen

Love the electric hand sander. !!!!

It's so white but it's done!!
I keep thinking it needs something. 
So I painted the lattice again per my moms suggestion. 

So much better!!
Thanks Mom!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Aubrey brings home baby Otis. 

6th grade here he comes!

So cute!! Here's to a great year. Love you ❤️

You love skate boarding. 

Pantry Makeover Love!!

I love my Pantry makeover. 

Annie Sloan Duck Egg Chalk Paint 2 coats. 

Adding my Pantry sign so no one gets confused. 

DIY Bathroom Towel Holder

When I purchased these wire nesting baskets at TJ MAXX I was unsure of the plan. 
Two days later I thought of this board I bought at Michaels several months ago. 
I propped the baskets up to the board and saw that they would fit!!

Next I painted the boards with some left over paint I had. This is Annie Sloan Duck Egg. 

We used U shaped nails to attach the baskets. 

Placed it on the wall in bathroom. 
And decorated. 
I love it!!

Quick Project. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dump and Go Crock Pot Chili

This is for my Austin. 
College kids can cook!! 

3 pound roast. Pot roast. 
2 crock pot liners for easy clean up. 
One packet chili seasoning. 
One large can crushed tomatoes 
One small can petite diced tomatoes. 
Frozen chopped onion. Optional. 
One large can chili beans. 
Oyster crackers optional. 

Early in the day place roast in crock pot and cook on high. Approx. 6 hours. No liquid needed. You can season with salt and pepper if you wish. I just placed a few peppers on it. 

Finished roast

Remove roast from crock pot. 

Shred meat up removing any fat. 

Remove old liner with roast juice. Set aside without spilling. Be careful it will be HOT!! 

Place new liner in crock pot. Crock pot is hot. Be careful. 

Dump in 1/2 bag of onion. 

Add tomatoes, crushed tomatoes and seasoning packet. 

Give it a stir. Combining well. 

Add the beans and stir. 

Add the meat. 

Lightly stir. 

Cook on high for about one more hour. 

Just to heat through. 

Better the next day!! 

Place hot bag of meat juice in large can to dispose of in trash. 

Let this cool before placing in trash. 

Let me know how you like. 
Love, Mama