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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Wedding Dessert Buffet…All the Rage in Weddings these days!

The making of the last minute dessert WEDDING buffet!
Something I just threw together.

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows on a Stick covered in toffee, sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs, toasted coconut on white chocolate and then drizzled with more chocolate. Oh My!

Shortbread Cookie Hearts drizzled in rich dark chocolate.
The Shortbread hearts were a perfect addition to the dessert bar with LOVE!
Delicious Strawberries dipped in milk chocolate….YUM

Cupcakes of Moist Rich Chocolate Cake and Fluffy White Vanilla Frosting.

How to Host a Christmas Cookie Swap

This year will be my 5th Annual Christmas Cookie Swap.
It's always the Thursday after Thanksgiving slightly before the busy holiday season.
It's a lot of fun. We usually try to have a theme. Not everyone joins in but it is fun for all even if a few participate. 
This is how it goes…

Everyone brings 7 dozen cookies of the same kind on a pretty platter to display on the table. Plus a large container with a lid to gather the cookies in during the swap.

We start with everyone going around the table once and taking 3-4 cookies from each platter. Then once everyone has gone around the table, we all go again. 
Everyone ends up with a beautiful assortment of cookies to take home.
Some eat them right away and some choose to divide them up in containers to freeze. These make great platters to serve during the holidays or when guests show up.
We also have finger foods to share while we are all together. 

My favorite part is the prize giving. I always have a gift bag with goodies to give the winners. We all take a vote for the most festive cookie and the best outfit. 
Here are some of the themes we have had….
Ugly Christmas Attire
Domestic Divas…Aprons & Pearls
Dazzling Divas…Gowns and Diamonds
80's Ladies

So Fun!!