Simplicity makes me smile!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Fruit Love.

I am loving all of the summer fruits. I came across these yesterday. Strawberry Cherries. New in the market. 
They don't taste like strawberries at all just a good cherry. I love cherries. 
I guess they call them strawberry cherries because if the lighter color and they are a bit larger than regular cherries. Anyways, I would buy again for sure. 

I love fresh peaches. Love love!!

Watermelon is my favorite!! Mmmm

St. Pete Beach. Food. Food. Food.

Our vacation is time for RELAXATION. That means.... No Cooking!! 
I use trip advisor when we go to any new town to find the best mom and pop hole in th wall places. 
Here is one place we found to have the best grouper sandwich. And the onion rings were HUGE!!

Dave's Dockside Grill

Grouper Platter was so good!

I like a little ok A LOT of tarter sauce!! Love that they give you this huge squirt bottle. No need to ask for more. 

Nan's Grilled Grouper. Tasted like steak. 

We freaked out when they brought these onion rings. With horseradish sauce. 

A little food humor. Haha

Next was Tony and Nellos. Formerly 
Jo Jo's. Great food. Cheap. And they give you huge portions. 
For instance a huge cheese brick oven pizza is 10.00

Meatball appetizer. 4 baseball size meatballs. 6.95! And they are delicious!

Tossed Salad. 4.95. Enough for 4 people. 

Kids spaghetti and meatball. 4.95. 
I don't have a picture of the garlic rolls. Garlic Knots they call them. You get a pile of them for 3.00. Soo good. 

Ice cream... Uncle Andy's Old Fashioned  Ice cream Parlor. 
Nightly. Yes nightly. We love the Don Cesar To watch the sunset. 

My favorite this year was the Toasted Coconut. Mmmm

Wide Plank Pine Flooring. DIY

Bedroom Reno Phase 1.
Painted pine floors in the walk in closet. 
Why the closet? It's a small space that my husband and I can play with our DIY skills. If we love. We move on to the bedroom. 
We removed the nasty carpet. Cleaned the floor. And started. 

My hubby cutting out the door jams with this super loud tool. 

The precision cuts by Bill. Fitting and nailing took about 3 hours. Not bad I say. 

Ready for paint? Stain? Decisions. See the color swatch under the window. This is a big decision. No turning back. 

Primer on. I already love the look. Love Love!!❤️❤️❤️
I'm so excited. 

Eek!! We ripped all of the carpet out of the bedroom. It took 30 minutes. But then we had to rip out several staples in the floor. Take out the tack board around the perimeter. And clean, clean , clean. 
We put our bed back with several throw rugs. And I Love It!!

Here is my cozy room. 

We bought the wood to start the bedroom. Baby steps. 
It's all down now. All of it! I love this floor so much. Now deciding how to finish it. I'm thinking of staining the floor dark. So many decisions. Eek!!

Decided to go with stain. 

 We stained it and I love it!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Minecraft is HUGE with the kids these days. So don't you know when birthday time rolls around Lanny wants a Minecraft  cake. 
FYI: you can't find any Minecraft anything for birthdays. Not one plate , cup , or napkin. 
You are on your own. 

Here is what I did. 
Square cake pan. 
Green buttercream icing. 
Black sugar paper from Michaels. I cut the paper into a creeper face. 

Easy and a success. Yes!!

Aubrey's Junior Prom

The day she's been dreaming of since Highschool began. I was afraid of her being crabby but she was just the opposite. Happy and smiling all day. Enjoying every moment. I love this girl. 

Hair at Salon 102. Our sweet neighbor, Susan went to the salon early in the day and paid for Aubrey's hair to be done. Jennifer surprised us with the news. I nearly cried. Sweet loving people are part of our lives for sure. 

Dress was gorgeous on Aubrey. She wore Toms for her shoes. 

My favorite picture of the night!! Love!!

Pictures were taken at Montgomery Bell State Park. Beautiful Spring back drop. 

We had fun with the props. 

This one is very cute!

Sweet. Aubrey really wanted this picture of the two of them. 

Our favorite view one week a year.

Located off of Bica Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg Florida. Isla del Sol. Is home to us every June. We love the salt air, breeze, dolphin watching, boats going by and peaceful calm waters. Heavenly. 

See what I mean. Ahh!
Sunset out our window on the Bay. 
Sunrise. Peace. Calm. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our HENRY. We love you. ❤️

We lost our sweet companion of almost 12 years while on vacation. Can't even describe how much he meant to our family. We are going to miss him forever.