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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cookies! Cookies and More Cookies!

I have been trying out different kinds of cookie recipes lately. First I wanted a great peanut butter cookie recipe and I came up with a delicious one. Using crunchy peanut butter and rolling them in sugar prior to baking. I didn't do the traditional fork on the top and found them to be very chewy in the center when baked in ball form. Bill and Aubrey LOVE them! One day I added chocolate chips and it was over the top delicious!
Second I made Snickerdoodles. I used the recipe that my Mom had in her cookbook  I made as a kid.
She has this hand written cookbook binder  she made using notebook paper. I wore that book out as a child.  The snickerdoodles turned out really good. Chewy and with that hint of cream of tarter after taste. It took me back many years.
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The making of my Fudgy Chocolate Icing

Today I am making  my creamy fudgy chocolate icing. I wanted to make this today because my wonderful husband made me an icing tip I have been wanting. I have looked all over Nashville for an icing tip that would create a smooth swirl. Stores and Internet carry them BUT they are sold out everywhere. I have seen them use this tip on Cupcake Wars. We looked everywhere and impatient me really wanted to try this technique soooo my husband took a long  icing tip to his workshop and cut it off. Chop ! Smoothed it with something like a grinder and wa-la I have my icing tip! He is awesome and so is this tip. At first it was a bit lopsided getting used to it but toward the end I had the hang of it. The result yummy yellow cupcakes with a delicious swirl of fudgy chocolate icing. I already ate one!
I start with butter and shortening. Whip it in the mixed until fluffy. I then add good quality dutch processed baking cocoa I order online from a chocolate company. Whip Whip! In goes the vanilla and powdered sugar. Scraping the bowl and whipping until FLUFFY!

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This is the end result!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Cutest Cupcakes Ever!

I am so excited! I made cupcakes for my friend Melanie's baby shower. She is having a girl and her name is Mattie. This is the first time I used fondant. I might just have to get a book on this because it really turned out super cool! Makes me want to do more fondant creations.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Honey Apple Cake with Honey Butter Glaze

 1. I measure out all of my ingredients .
Sugar Flour Eggs Honey Oil Vanilla Chopped Apples and Spices.
2. Next I blend the eggs, sugar and honey together.

3. Add all of the dry ingredients and mix well.
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5. Pour into Bundt Pan & Bake
4. Add apples and pecans to batter.
Thick and gooey!

6. Apple Cake
Honey Butter Glaze

My New Cupcake Liners

I am testing new cupcake liners! Sounds boring I know but it is VERY complex. Every size, shape and type of liner varies for how cupcakes or muffins bake up. The muffin recipe is awesome! These are Blueberry and they baked up perfect in this liner. I had to do three batches to see how much batter should go in this cup!