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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Shortbread.

Posted by PicasaLet's face it there are pros and cons to everything, including cookies.
 Shortbread is at the top for me.

I analyze everything and I do mean everything.!!!

We can start with what do I want to bake this week?
 I could bake shortbread everyone loves it when I do...pro.
It uses a lot of butter...pro & con.
Prep time..the butter must be room temp....con.
You have to plan ahead for the room temperature butter...con.
Shortbread only has four ingredients...pro. Make it anytime!
Who doesn't ever have flour, sugar and butter in the house?
It takes time to whip the butter to perfect consistency...con.
Like earlier, prep time. I am usually multi tasking so this "whip time" as I call it, allows me time to do just that, "Multi Task."Pro!
The consistency is very thick and its difficult to spread in the pan with the parchment cut perfectly with a 1 inch overhang...CON! time consuming..art classish :(
That being said....clean up is a breeze....PRO~!
Bake until golden brown...40 minutes. ~Multi-Task Time...pro!
Right out of the oven sprinkle with sugar....Pro! Yummy
and cut into fingers...con! Because you can't have one yet!
Let cool completely...con! I have to leave the house because I can't take the wait...con!
Once cool...gently take out of pan with spatula...first one usually breaks...pro! I get to eat it!
Sugar all over my lips....??? Messy but yummy!
~no comment!
Shortbread is so good you can keep eating the cookies until your sick....con. But pro in a way since you can't taste the richness of these delicate buttery delights.
They are truly a treat! PRO
Analysis complete!

The Wonderful Cookie!

What is it about a cookie that is so wonderful? Maybe it's just my family that thinks this is true. But I happen to think they are always going to be the best. Let me just state some known cookie facts.

*Most people have a favorite!
*Cookies are for all ages young and old.

*They are acceptable to eat any time of the day.

*They are great right out of the oven as well as two days later.

*Easy to make.

*Everyone has a special ingredient or tweek to their recipe that makes it the "best ever."

*Grandma always has a famous recipe.

*Every culture has a "cookie."

*No matter what you do for your kids after school they will always remember the times you had warm cookies and milk waiting for them when they get home from school. Even if you only do it once.

*Nothing better than eating warm cookies and watching "The Biggest Loser" on T.V. or Survivor (our favorite)!

*Cookies make the house smell wonderful.

*Realtors recommend you bake cookies prior to showing your house...wonder why?

*Cookies will never go out of style!

*One might say "NO" to dessert if it is a piece of pie, cake or even cupcake but a cookie? Oh sure I'll have one.

*Cookies are just simply "The Bomb."

And COOKIES are great with coffee!!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stick to the roof of your mouth Chocolate Cupcakes! & the CAKE is VEGAN!

I love this recipe! Its quick and so easy. The cupcakes always turn out perfect and round on top. I love that. My favorite part about making these is they last a good week in an airtight container in the frig. I truly think they get better each day. So, I just told you that I eat one a day! OOPs!
All of these wonderful ingredients make the most amazing VEGAN cupcakes!
Yes I said VEGAN.
Zero dairy found in this CAKE!
No one will ever know!

Mix all ingredients together.

Fresh Out of the Oven and the house smells sooo good.
They bake up super nice.

The Finished Delight.
Seriously these are so YUMMY!
I topped them with my fudgey chocolate icing...
sorry folks this is not vegan.