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Friday, August 20, 2010

The making of my Fudgy Chocolate Icing

Today I am making  my creamy fudgy chocolate icing. I wanted to make this today because my wonderful husband made me an icing tip I have been wanting. I have looked all over Nashville for an icing tip that would create a smooth swirl. Stores and Internet carry them BUT they are sold out everywhere. I have seen them use this tip on Cupcake Wars. We looked everywhere and impatient me really wanted to try this technique soooo my husband took a long  icing tip to his workshop and cut it off. Chop ! Smoothed it with something like a grinder and wa-la I have my icing tip! He is awesome and so is this tip. At first it was a bit lopsided getting used to it but toward the end I had the hang of it. The result yummy yellow cupcakes with a delicious swirl of fudgy chocolate icing. I already ate one!
I start with butter and shortening. Whip it in the mixed until fluffy. I then add good quality dutch processed baking cocoa I order online from a chocolate company. Whip Whip! In goes the vanilla and powdered sugar. Scraping the bowl and whipping until FLUFFY!

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This is the end result!

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