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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I ♥ Christmas

This is our little tree we put in the living room every year. It was suppose to be MY tree. Decorated with beautiful glass ornaments placed just so. Well, I realized everyone gets to enjoy this tree on a daily basis, because it is in our main living area. So I gave in last year and let the kids help and I am so glad I did. A perfect tree is one decorated by sweet little hands with love. Landon loves to decorate the tree so he is placing all of the ornaments this year. Last year he made the star for the top out of construction paper. My kids know nothing else. They love to decorate the tree with all of the ornaments we have made throughout the years. I always thought you had to buy the "baby's first Christmas" ornament. Until Landon came along that is what we did.  He has a handmade first ornament and I love it! Every year it is a walk down memory lane for us all. Our tree in the family room is the prettiest tree I have ever seen every year!! Full of our handmade ornaments from all of the years past. I ♥ it!
My ornament from this year so far is this one...We are still working on a few. 
Merry Christmas! 

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