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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Shortbread.

Posted by PicasaLet's face it there are pros and cons to everything, including cookies.
 Shortbread is at the top for me.

I analyze everything and I do mean everything.!!!

We can start with what do I want to bake this week?
 I could bake shortbread everyone loves it when I do...pro.
It uses a lot of butter...pro & con.
Prep time..the butter must be room temp....con.
You have to plan ahead for the room temperature butter...con.
Shortbread only has four ingredients...pro. Make it anytime!
Who doesn't ever have flour, sugar and butter in the house?
It takes time to whip the butter to perfect consistency...con.
Like earlier, prep time. I am usually multi tasking so this "whip time" as I call it, allows me time to do just that, "Multi Task."Pro!
The consistency is very thick and its difficult to spread in the pan with the parchment cut perfectly with a 1 inch overhang...CON! time consuming..art classish :(
That being said....clean up is a breeze....PRO~!
Bake until golden brown...40 minutes. ~Multi-Task Time...pro!
Right out of the oven sprinkle with sugar....Pro! Yummy
and cut into fingers...con! Because you can't have one yet!
Let cool completely...con! I have to leave the house because I can't take the wait...con!
Once cool...gently take out of pan with spatula...first one usually breaks...pro! I get to eat it!
Sugar all over my lips....??? Messy but yummy!
~no comment!
Shortbread is so good you can keep eating the cookies until your sick....con. But pro in a way since you can't taste the richness of these delicate buttery delights.
They are truly a treat! PRO
Analysis complete!

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