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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Wedding Cake...The Wedding Cake!

My Sisters Wedding....cake

How in the world did I get roped into this one?
I assure you it was not a direct 
"Will you make my wedding cake?"
I have never made a wedding cake in my life. 
I have had several people ask and I kindly tell them that I do not make those kinds of cakes. 
 I am a simple beautiful and delicious kind of cake maker. Plus the stress of it all would tear me up. 
Well, it did.
Long story short....I made her wedding cake.
Here are my practice runs...
say WHAT??

A little better but not much!
It was suppose to be a naked cake. Naked cakes are all the rage in Europe. Hillary Duff had one at her wedding. They look easy enough. Really, but not!

A few days prior to the wedding we decided that I needed to frost the cake. Make it look RUSTIC. This is all over Pinterest for the shabby chic rustic wedding. Its all the rage here in the US. You know mason jars, burlap, chalkboards and moonshine. 
I was still nervous but gave it my best shot.
This was the beginning.  Start with frozen layers. Thin layers with frosting in-between.

Rough coat of frosting then chill.

Rough coat on top layer.

Final coat of frosting on this layer. Rustic

We started to assemble.

My husband helped me the entire time. He is a freak about everything being LEVEL.
Thank the Lord for that freakishness.

It's done!!  Big HUGE sigh or relief!!

Simple Flowers to embellish!
photo by Anya Elizabeth Photography

All of that stress and it was perfect. 
And the best part, it was delicious!

The Rustic Wedding Cake
Sue Wade
Final Pic by Anya Elizabeth Photography
look her up on FB she is amazing!!

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