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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wide Plank Pine Flooring. DIY

Bedroom Reno Phase 1.
Painted pine floors in the walk in closet. 
Why the closet? It's a small space that my husband and I can play with our DIY skills. If we love. We move on to the bedroom. 
We removed the nasty carpet. Cleaned the floor. And started. 

My hubby cutting out the door jams with this super loud tool. 

The precision cuts by Bill. Fitting and nailing took about 3 hours. Not bad I say. 

Ready for paint? Stain? Decisions. See the color swatch under the window. This is a big decision. No turning back. 

Primer on. I already love the look. Love Love!!❤️❤️❤️
I'm so excited. 

Eek!! We ripped all of the carpet out of the bedroom. It took 30 minutes. But then we had to rip out several staples in the floor. Take out the tack board around the perimeter. And clean, clean , clean. 
We put our bed back with several throw rugs. And I Love It!!

Here is my cozy room. 

We bought the wood to start the bedroom. Baby steps. 
It's all down now. All of it! I love this floor so much. Now deciding how to finish it. I'm thinking of staining the floor dark. So many decisions. Eek!!

Decided to go with stain. 

 We stained it and I love it!!

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