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Sunday, July 6, 2014

East Nashville Self Guided Bakery Tour

I follow these bakeries in east nashville on IG. I've been wanting to go visit them. I went to look at a dresser and found myself in east nashville. So I had to go to these bakeries. 
Yeast Nashville
Nashville Sweets
Bella Nashville

Bella Nashville has homemade bread, sandwiches and coffee. A small baguette like this is 3.50. Regular size loaf runs around 6-7$$. It's very good. Crusty bread. 

Kolaches. Lots of Kolaches. Raised yeast rolls with fruit or meat (savory) fillings. Very good. The owner is super nice. Coffee was Drews Brews of Nashville. 
A single Kolache runs 2.50 for sweet, 3.00 for savory. 

These cupcakes are amazing. Better than mine.  ( maybe ).. 
Nashville sweets offers cake pops, cookies , cakes and cupcakes. 
Cupcakes are 2.50. They are divine!! 
The place smells wonderful. 

Love East Nashville. 

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