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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Fabulous Birthday Weekend!

Look at their Beautiful Garden 

I ♥ Hydrangas

This child is so photogenic!

Getting Dirty a favorite!

Love seeing Ben smile ♥
Sutton is all smiles too!

Fun weekend with my Family! 


My beautiful baby! 
Gosh! I really feel loved. I have the sweetest family ever. My Birthday was so nice. Landon made me a picture and tied a Christmas Ribbon around it. So Sweet!
Bill had a sweet note stuck to my coffee cup Saturday morning. He is so good to me.
Aubrey had her dance on Friday. I had a great time fixing her hair and putting her make up on.
Bill took me out for a nice dinner on Saturday night. Japanese my favorite!
Sunday after Church we went to Mom's for Brunch! It was delicious. She's the best cook.
All of my family came with the kids and we played outside in the freezing cold. I took some great pics of everyone. I love photographing the kids playing.
Monday morning I am back on the eating heathy wagon. The sun is shining FINALLY after 5 days of gloom. I'm going to the track to run! Breathe in some fresh air and get sun on my face. I need that sun for energy! Makes me feel good. ♥ Me

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