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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cupcakes for Baby

The order is for a baby shower for baby Ellie. 50 cupcakes. Twinkie Cupcakes. 

I first scoured ETSY for the cutest toppers. 
I wanted to mix each dozen up with a different topper. 
This is what I found. And I love them!

My recipe for yellow Twinkie cake

1 yellow cake mix 
1 box of instant vanilla pudding
4 eggs
8 ounces sour cream
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients with cake mix until well blended. 
Fill cupcake liners 
2/3 of the way full. 
Bake at 350 degrees 27 minutes. 


Make a rue
2 cups milk
6 tbsp flour
In a sauce pan over medium heat
Whisking constantly until thick and creamy. Pour into a bowl and allow to cool completely. 

In a large mixing bowl mix 
4 sticks of butter
2 cups granulated sugar 
Mix until fluffy. 5 minutes. 
Add 1 tbsp vanilla. 
Add rue
Mix until fluffy and white. 5 minutes 
Place in refrigerator for 15 minutes. Covered. 15 minutes. Only! No longer. 
Now it's ready to pipe on cupcakes. 

These last twelve I embellished with white pearls and pink chocolate discs to mix things up. 
They turned out better than I hoped. 
Love these baby Ellie cupcakes!!

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