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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Crafting 2010

Here are a few of the crafts I have done for this Holiday season. Our NICU is a huge supporter for March of Dimes so each year we come up with a Christmas Ornament to sell for the cause. We put the babies footprints on these ornaments as a special keepsake for parents and family members.
Pick a Pumpkin Magnet
Proceeds went to March of Dimes
 This year we added a fall ornament which was a pumpkin magnet. They were really cute and a hit with the babies.

A tiny Footprint went on these magnets...Adorable!

 One of my all time favorite Ornaments to make. I have made these for years with my kids. We decoupage their SCHOOL PICTURE on the back and they write their name and year. It's so fun to pull them out each year when we decorate the tree. Our tree looks great with all of these ornaments hanging on it!

Option for March of Dimes footprint Christmas Ornaments
These are my favorite but the girls decided on the other option.

I think these earrings are a fabulous addition to your Christmas Attire! BLING!

Sparkling Snowman Earrings...Stunning!
 I love doing Gingerbread Houses at Christmas. Someday I will make MY VERY OWN. The kids love doing this and get involved from the get go. Helpful hint is to hot glue the house together and buy a tub of icing for the kids to get started. They DO NOT like waiting for the icing to be made or dry on the house. PERIOD! This was a headache saving helpful hint. 
Landon and Aubrey's Gingerbread House

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