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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bedroom Reno: Headboard

What to do? We couldn't decide. Old door? Barn wood wall? Build headboard with cubbies and put candles in them? 
All I knew was I wanted: light and airy. 

So after much thinking. Drawing. Looking in Pinterest. I came up with this.....

We weren't sure what it would really look like. We just started going through our old wood we had been collecting for YEARS. 
All I knew is that I wanted airy sheets to hang from the top. And maybe eventually twinkle lights. ❤️ twinkle lights. 

So. Today we got started. 

We did have to go get two pieces of cedar wood. 8 feet long. Cut them to 7 feet. 
The three pieces we are attaching to the cedar is 100+ year barn wood beams my brother gave us 6 years ago. 

Next we took the old wood from a park bench my neighbor redid. He gladly gave me the scrap. 👍🏻

We used the bench scrap to add a shelf. And cover over the cedar. The cedar is more like a foundation to the entire project. To hold it together if you will. 

We covered the cedar foundation with the old wood. 

I say we. It was my best guy. My husband. 😘😘

I wanted the curtain rod to be hidden.

Finished Product:

Love love love!! 
Now I need hardware to pull curtains back. Maybe old door knob? 
I will be back to show the finished product. 

Almost done. 

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